One & Simple Goal
Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency
We help manufacturing businesses automate their document processing to save 30% cost & 2x team productivity.
The problems we solve
The Stage of So, What?
Today, the constant pressure to reduce the manufacturing cost and improve efficiency in manufacturing business is higher than ever before. Effectively generating or processing documents reduces day to day manual workload and brings an end to end visibility to the business.
Raw material cost optimization
Inefficiency are Costly
Manual document processing has an average error rate of 5-6%, costing billions each year.
Process parameter optimization
Lack of Visibility
63% industry struggles with data visibility and analytics due to unstructured document processing.
Process Optimization
Document takes Time
Manual processing of customer inquiry documents takes atleast 10 days.
Innovation for Efficiency
Data Volume is High
An average manufacturing industry generates around 84.2TB data per year and 70% of data is unstructured.
Smart Manufacturing
Analyzing Documents is Tough
Industry experts spend around 30% of their working hours to do a simple analysis of unstructured documents.
The missing part in other solutions
AI is not the end but the start.
Processing customer documents or making sense of the TBs of unstructured data is not only about AI, domain knowledge is the key to the AI success.
Knowledge Graph + AI-enabled solution
We store industry experts knowledge in the form of graph and apply AI on it.
We model the Intelligence of Domain Experts into Knowledge Graph enabled AI solutions
Machine learning Solution for materials industries
How does our solution work
It’s time to move from the stage of So What? to Now What?
Our KG module captures the Industry domain knowledge and explore new relationships.

While AI module, exploits the domain knowledge captured by KG to process customer inquiry documents and generate response according to customer demands.
Case Studies
It is our customer’s success.
We work with a range of materials and chemicals industry leaders, including steel, pipe, coating, welding, paints and many more.

We live in a world that changes every day. We believe combining knowledge of industry experts with right AI solution is essential to consistently increase profitability and grow business.
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What our customer says
Really appreciate all your support and collaboration with Welspun US team. You have done an outstanding job in deeply understanding Welspun‘s US pipe manufacturing operations and digitally transforming the business from within.
Sandeep Singhal
Chief Executive Officer
Welspun Americas
What our customer says
Having 30+ years of international business development experience, I have mentored lots of start-ups and find in MatSci AI a unique proposition for the field of materials science and beyond. Their way of combining domain expertise with cutting-edge technologies, is one of their significant improvements to innovation.
Gustavo Bottan
VP (Business Development)
Peroxygen Systems Inc