The Challenge
Analyzing customer technical requirements using Knowledge Graph enabled AI
Responding to customer technical inquiries on time is a key challenge in pipeline industry and it impacts the chances of winning the project.
Artificial Intelligence for Steel industries
They needed
High Efficiency
Every Oil and Gas client comes with his own technical requirements, 4-5 documents with around 150 pages in total. Welspun understood that it needed to analyze these documents as early as possible and respond promptly to its customers. Also, handling higher number of inquires within same time will help to serve a bigger market.
Artificial Intelligence for metal industries
Artificial Intelligence for welding Industries
Top Management wanted
Get the job done within a day
Welspun, being a leader in pipeline industry, already has highly experienced professionals and domain experts. But it needed an additional layer to get this job done within a day.
The MatSci Solution
The MatSci AI’s solution automatically extracts necessary information from all 4-5 customer technical documents.
Extraction module was trained using domain specific knowledge stored in knowledge graph module.
Further, it validates the information as per industry standard specifications and historical data.
Eventually, AI decision engines prepare and provide the response documents for the clients.
We delivered
Direct Impact
Solution for industry 4.0
Respond to clients within 5 minutes instead of 7 days
Raw material cost optimization
Saves around $1.5M per year
Process Optimization
Process multiple inquiries in Parallel
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