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Generating industry insights from unstructured documents across the value chain is a job of a minute now.
Solution for industry 4.0
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Bringing visibility across the value chain
Every manufacturing business generates TBs of data. 70% of the data is unstructured and effectively managing this unstructured data brings an end to end visibility to the business.
It helps
Capitalizing on Industry knowledge
We live in information driven world. Utilizing every bit of information and converting it to easily accessible knowledge impacts the market share.
It helps
Increasing Operational Efficiency
From Sales to logistics departments, every business unit of manufacturing industry require exchange of documents. Automated analysis of these documents results in higher operational efficiency.
How does it work?
It’s one minute job
Upload the unstructured data in form of documents
Extraction Module mines information as an industry expert
Knowledge Graph module converts information into industry knowledge
AI module exploits the knowledge to predict key business insights
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